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ian smith

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hi everyone, new to the forum  but I'm looking for some advice.

I have been running a G3 on a Toyota celica gt4 for about 5 years now and had no problems at all.

I am now using the car in autocross so would like to activate the antilag.

as this is purely a race car (no road use at all) I want to fit a Group A style anti lag.

I already have a exhaust manifold with addition air pipework so can duct air in directly.  this is how the original Toyota rally cars did it.

my plan is to fit a solenoid valve before the throttle plate that will allow air to pass directly into these pipes and hence into the exhaust manifold.

the antilag needs to be switchable as I do not need to use it during practice sessions etc.

my plan was to switch the anti lag on / off using the digital input and then let the ecu pull timing / alter fuelling etc.

at the same time hook up the solenoid valve to an auxillary so that it opens when the throttle is closed.

does this sound about right?

has anyone else managed to fit a group A style antilag or does everyone go the group N route and just jack the throttle plate open?

any help much appreciated

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You could use an AUX output configured as a GP PWM output this will give you control over how open the solenoid is.

 It will also let you base this of RPM and even load or TPS.

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