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Miata Link and LPI (LPG)


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I've got a miata turbo, and I am planning to get a Vialle LPI (liquid propane injection) system installed, as the fuelprices are getting unbearable (8-8.5USD/gallon vs ~3USD/gallon).

I am planning to run on LPG only. The Vialle system is supposed to be top of the line, and one of the few manufacturers that offer a system that injects the LPG in it's liquid state. 

Now, I went to the Vialle distributor here in Belgium, and he's very interested in my project. He was wondering, since I have a stand alone engine management, if it would be obsolete to install a secondary ECU (piggy back system) that intercepts the signal to the fuel injectors, and converts it to LPG and drives the lpg pump etc. 

No secondary ECU would be a much cleaner/efficient/logical install, and as a plus, it would be cheaper as I won't have to pay for that ECU. Although I might lose that money on getting the car properly mapped for lpg :P

LPG apparantly uses a variable fuel pressure, so the Link would have to be able to control that. The distributor is contacting Vialle for more specifics. 

http://www.linkecu.com/forums/G4Forum/194505001 According to this thread, it's possible with a Link G4, but is it also possible with a Miata Link, and how would that work? Are there dealers/installers in Belgium that could do that? The whole turbo setup/link package came directly from the USA. A fuel map isn't too hard (as you get a decent base map to start with), but controlling those other factors might be quite a bit more complicated, I guess?

This is the site of Vialle, the manufacturer: http://www.vialle.nl/home.html?L=1&cHash=42f430268f (should be in English, if not, you can change the language in the upper right corner :))

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Good morning Jasper,

Unfortunately your ECU will not drive the LPG injectors directly. Our experience and feedback to us has been that the injector drivers in our ECUs are not capable of driving the LPG injectors.

The exception is the Silver G4 Xtreme which has peak and hold injector drivers.


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