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  1. Hi Jared, It looks like you might have a Link subaru V10 plug-in ECU. On this application the ECU does not control the starter motor. However the 'Start Position' is used for Pre Crank Prime. If you do get rid of 'Start Position' be sure to set the Pre Crank Prime Mode to Key On. Digital inputs 1 to 8 are able to accept the signal directly from the Ethanol Content Sensor. Normally the Pullup Resistor would be set to ON. You might also consider sacrificing the clutch, brake or cruise control switch inputs. Scott
  2. individual ignition trims will be applied at the same time. For example, a -12 degree 4D ignition trim and a +6 degree 5D ignition trim can both be applied to a +20 degree value from Ignition table 1, giving an ignition angle of 14 degrees BTDC. 20+6-12 = 14. If you are uncertain about this open the runtime values window (F12 key) and look at the ignition tab. You can see the value from ignition table 1, the various trims, and the actual ignition angle being used. Scott
  3. It's a good suggestion. My understanding is that the OEM controller controls the DCCD via CAN bus. I see Motec has a controller available that seems to be able to replicate (and improve) this functionality over CAN bus. It may be possible to control the electromagnetic coil (I'm going on what you say here, I don't know the inner workings). We would want to examine how the factory controller does it and then see how much current it involved. If you come across any documents with this then be sure to share them. Scott
  4. There has been discussion on this, but the LSU 4.9 sensor seems to be working well for most customers so far. Are you wanting the NTK because if an extended range or longer life or? Scott
  5. The nice thing about using one of the e-throttle bodies in our help file is we have wiring information and settings there to use, which makes things easy. Look at where your throttle body currently bolts on and look at how your current accel pedal assembly attaches then go to an automotive wreckers and look for some options. For my car the accel pedal assembly mounts on the floor rather than the firewall, and I found a MkV golf GTi pedal worked well. Scott
  6. Link produce a plug-in ECU for the MR2 rev 2-3. I recommend using the pinout and pin function charts for this ECU to help you allocate the pins from the factory connector to the G3 Linkplus. Here are the pinout and pin function charts: r So for example 'ISC close solenoid' would go to Aux Output 1, which is pin 5 on the MR2 connector and 'Aux 1 (Orange/Black)' on the G3 Linkplus. Make your self a spreadsheet to help organise all the pin connections, then upload it here and someone can check it. Scott
  7. Here is a file for the G4+ Knockblock. Scott KnockBlock Quick Start G4+ Link 0116.pdf
  8. Can you upload a photo of the circuit board of your G1 ECU? Some G1's could only be programmed with a hand controller. Also the G1 ECUs have a 'trigger sub-board' that is specific to certain engines. You will need to have the correct one. Once we look at the photo you upload we'll be able to tell you more. Scott
  9. One possible solution here is to do a setup like this: Equation Load Source = 'Load=BAP/MAP Xover' Fuel table 1 load (Y) axis = 'TP(Main)' 4D Fuel table (on all the time) load axis = 'MGP' You would have the load axis of the 4D table start just below atmospheric pressure (0 kPa MGP), have this first row set to zero. When the engine is idling it would be using values from the main fuel table, which is based on TP(Main), so should be pretty stable. Scott
  10. The feedback we have had is that we would need to make a trigger mode specifically for the VQ37. This is on our request list to do. Scott
  11. While it is not for an RB engine, PCLink comes with an example base-map showing how to set up a multi-fuel arrangement. The file is called "G4+ Xtreme Black Multi Fuel Sample.pclr" and is worth checking out. Scott
  12. Thanks for letting us know. I had a quick look through the document. It's really good to see more dash manufacturers adding this sort of functionality. Scott
  13. I don't have any information on what the usual value is. The best way to know is to use a timing light. Scott
  14. Where are you located? It may be worth visiting a local Link dealer. They could then connect their laptop and cable that usually works. This will confirm where the problem lies. Scott
  15. Hi mapper, One possible solution is to set the ECU logging up so that it is logging all the time. When the customer detects a fault they can turn off a switch, which turns off the ECU logging. This won't suit every install, as putting a switch in is extra work, but could be good for customers trying to track down intermittent problems. Scott
  16. I will ask the engineers if they can add this to the Options > Colour Theme . This way you can choose the colour you would like to use. Scott.
  17. Is it the bottom board of the ECU that is version 1.2? This has 2 8 pin expansion connectors. Scott
  18. Hi David, The G1 ECU is not able to control fully variable valve timing, so an ECU upgrade may be required. Simon knows the G1 ECUs a lot better. Once you reply with the sub-board photo I'll ask him to add his comments. Scott
  19. Yes, this is possible. To alter the amount of air flowing through the throttle at idle you want to change the values in the idle base position table. The values in this table add on to the values from the e-throttle target table. If this doesn't help please post a PCLog of the idle hunt and your current base-map. Scott
  20. I think we would normally expect to see 3 pulses on the cam. Scott
  21. The engine out of the 2004 onwards 2.5L WRX uses hall sensors for the cams. So you will need a +5V supply to them. The engine also uses a different trigger pattern (tooth arrangement) than the earlier WRX engines. I suspect that your ECU will not support this trigger mode. Can you post a photo showing the trigger sub-board inside your ECU? The cams on this engine are designed to be controlled continuously in closed loop by varying the solenoid duty cycle. By having the solenoid hard on or hard off you could run into a problem where engine components could possibly interfere. Scott
  22. Are you right clicking and using the export option? This will not work for what you want to do. You will need to select the whole table and ctrl+c, then paste into notepad or excel. Scott
  23. Scott

    Tacho Table

    Ok thanks. I will ask the engineers to consider this. Scott
  24. Possibly the dash is not set up to use this data set? The engine speed, MAP and TPS should all work. If someone wants to send us an IQ3 we are happy to test this ourselves. Scott
  25. Scott

    Cruise Control Setup

    I have just tested this here, the following image shows my results: Can you record a PCLog on your updated firmware showing each of the buttons being pressed? Scott
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