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Help to make a decision for BNR32


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I'd like to ask some info.

I want to run my Skyline GT-R on a Link ECU but have some question:

If i use Plug-in ECU will it allow me to use advanced features of Extreme version such as KnockBlock and others?

If i use Extreme ECU how much wiring occur and will it control my car's general purpose functions which stock ECU controls?
How much work and replacement i will need to do to use Extreme, is there any problems using it on my car?

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Good morning,

The GTS/GTR Plug-in ECU can have a knockblock connected to it for knock control. It requires a spare digital input (available at the expansion connector) and a spare auxiliary output. Unfortunately the GTS/GTR ECU has no spare auxiliary outputs, so you would have to sacrifice something else to make it work. Perhaps the check engine light or A/C output. In the Support > Documentation section of our website you can find the manual for the GTS/GTR ECU and the KnockBlock.

The G4 Xtreme can do anything that the GTS/GTR plug-in can do. It would also allow you to have direct spark ignition and a lot more inputs and outputs. The Xtreme also has inbuilt knock control, although it is not as powerful as the KnockBlock. In terms of wiring an Xtreme in you would have to connect the Xtreme wiring loom into the loom that supplies your current ECU. 

We are not aware of any problems with using our ECUs on a GTR. Installation and setup of the Xtreme would be a lot more work than the GTS/GTR plug-in ECU. The tuning could be more difficult because of the individual throttle plates. It would be worth speaking to a local tuner to see what their experience on these is.


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Hi again,

Good to hear you have some experience with tuning already. Plenty of people have installed and tuned their own ECUs, and although it takes time and research I'm sure you'll be fine. We can help out with technical support if you run into any specific problems. PCLink, the tuning software for our ECUs, has a great help section that details a lot of the wiring and tuning setup, it would be worth having a good read of this.


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