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TPS malfunction??

Ross Hubbard

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Hi, Im trying to tune a 4age with ITB's with TPS only on a G1 V5.

I have got the engine starting and idling OK but the 'ACCEL' fuel seems to be activating on its own when ever I start trying to move to different rows on the map. Its also coming on and off during idle (without any throttle manipulation).

TPS is set up correctly with the correct range. Is this a common symptom of a faulty TPS? or possibly a wiring issue?

Also, the system voltage at idle on the PC link is approximately 13.3 volts (14.1 across the battery terminals) Could this lower voltage affect the 5 volt TPS-in?

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If you are seeing a fluctuation in TPS reading with no movement of the throttle this can indicate a faulty TPS or noise getting on the signal line.

The supply voltage will be fine it will only be an issue below about 10V

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