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Fueling strategy for rotary engine


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Could you guys program a sequential fueling strategy on a rotary engine where instead of using sequential/staged injection firing every 360 crank degrees, you could use 4 injectors of the same size and fire 1 injector every 720 crank degrees like a piston engine so injector 1 will fire at 0 deg then injector 2 will fire at 360 deg which means you can effectively run longer pulse widths at higher rpm as the two injectors will overlap and 1 injector can be open a whole 360 deg and not be open 100% Duty cycle which means you can get a lot more out of the injector. This method is used on another ecu manufacture so i dont know if its patented. The only thing is you must use 4 identical injectors as to distribute correct Air/fuel ratios per combustion event

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