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Ecu Logging problem


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I have my ecu logging setup through a digital switch and it works as intended however my problem is that when i switch the car on a log file is automatically generated irrespective of my switch position.  My setup is as follows.

Ecu Logging:

Logging Mode = On

Logging Rate = 5hz

Activation Mode = DI #6

DI 6 GP Input:

Function = Gp Input

Switch Type = Toggle

Pullup Resistor = On

On Level = Low

Active Edge = Falling

DI 6 is a toggle switch which is wired to 'expansion 1 signal GROUND' on the link g4 expansion loom (this is the ground for sensors and not an actual chassis ground).

I've also tried temporarily using a virtual aux output to test and it works flawlessly, no log files are generated while switching the car on and off unless the virtual aux is active.



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Hi Patrick,

Thank you for sending in your base-map. I have tried to replicate your problem, but have been unable to. What I am wondering is if your DI 6 pullup is being reset upon the ECU turning on, and therefore generating an ECU log. The fact that when you use a virtual aux for ECU log activation supports this view. Here are two suggestions I have:

1. Try and configure the switch so it has a 12 volt feed and then set it up in PCLink so On level is high with a rising active edge. Also turn the pull-up resistor off. This would show if it is indeed the pull-up resetting that is causing the issue.

2. Upgrade your firmware. Possibly this is an issue that has been fixed in the past.



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