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Link USB Protocol guide?

Steve Wilson

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Hi Just bought a Link G3, installed it, and its plugged in and mapped tomorrow. I've installed a car-pc for runtime displays with the LinkPC software, and I've seen a couple of old posts about customing the PC-Link software to make more "intersting" gauges, but it seems these projects never came to life. Well I'm a software engineer with quite a bit of spare time at the moment and I'd like to have a stab at making some skinnable displays for the in-car PC displays. Is there any guides on how to extract the information coming through the USB drivers, so I can set about a new project? If I make it, I'll happily share the software I write. Cheers Steve.

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I've completed something on the same general theme. For my needs I wanted reliable data recording in my offroad race car. So used an EEEPC which is enclosed in a plastic box to ensure it doesnt get mud or water in it. I log both Link and GPS USB serial data. Still working on the analysis software but have been using the limited ability of Excel to point to potential issues.

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