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EJ20 Sync and Ignition order

Karl Murton

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Hi there, Am just wiring up a Linkplus ver10 to a EJ20 Turbo. Running a dual post wasted spark setup. Firing order 1324, is the Sync between 1 and 3? (I read on a post here that it is). So firing sequence should be 3241, now this is where I am confused as drawing I19 showing the 2 channel ignitor setup has IG-1 going to cyl#1 and #2. I would have thought that the first ignition drive should go to cyl #3 & #4, what am I missing?? cheers Karl

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Hi Karl


You are correct with your thoughts on how it should be wired.

The drawing is geared towards G2 onwards ecu's these you enter in the firing order and sync location.

On the G1s the installer had to figure it out with wiring.

If you set it so that IG1 does cylinders 3 and 4. Ig2 does 1 and 2 you will be all set.

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