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AFM LINK map maxxed out or voltage clamp not working properly

Sid McMullen

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Hello, I just picked up a AFMlink from a local friend. It is working great for drivability and up to about 22psi. the problem I am having is that it is cutting fuel once it hits 23-25 psi. I have a supplemental fuel system that will take care of the extra fuel needed, but I need the link to handle every thing like normal as if it were only seeing 20-22 psi. So my question is does the link stay in the last cel if it is seeing higher boost? Or does it not know what cel to use and shut down. I have been told that the MAX clamp may not be foolproof and my send more than my ECU would want. I can fix this easily. I just don't want to waste time on the wrong thing TIA Sid

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In theory it should just leave the fueling as is intended for the last row.

If you haven't got the instruction book we can email one through.

I don't think the AFMLink ever had a map limit.


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