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Engine cut on low oil pressure

Guest grant620

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Hi Grant,

Yes there is a way to do this. I'm assuming that you are running a G4 type of ECU.

1. You need to connect your oil pressure sensor up to a spare An Volt channel and calibrate it.

2. Then select an unused GP RPM Limit table. Set this to either Ign %cut or Fuel %cut.

3. Go to the table, right click on it and select axis setup

4. Set the Y axis to the AN V channel you have your oil pressure sensor connected to. Set the values to cover the oil pressure range you wish to cover. Click Apply and then Close.

5. Go through the table and enter the RPM you wish to restrict the engine to. For example you might want to set anything below 40 PSI pressure to 2500 RPM. Anything below 20 PSI 1000 RPM, anything below 10 PSI to zero RPM. The values you enter are going to depend upon what normal oil pressure for your engine is and how much of a cut you want.



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