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AEM Wideband UEGO to LinkPlus G3

Ryan Simmons

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I have just installed a P&P AEM UEGO kit and it has a 0-5v Auxiliary output wire for connecting to compatible engine management systems.  I am pretty sure that the linkPlus G3 is compatible but i would just like someone to confirm this and explain how to wire it in? Im guessing ill use an Analogue channel input 'AN Volt wb1'  and set voltage point 'A' to '0' and 'B' to '5'  and i guess the AFR points will be the range limits of the sensor?

Before i do this tho, i would like to know what advantage it will give to have the wideband wired in to the ECU? i dont know too much about mapping as i leave this to my tuner, so would having the wideband wired in be of an advantage to him? Also can it be used as a safety device if the ecu detects abnormal AFR's during certain conditions? ie sudden lean whilst in boost?

Thanks for the help


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Hi Ryan,

You can use the Wideband 0 to 5 volt output with your G3 Linkplus. It will be connected to any spare AN Volt channel. You will then need to configure the AN Volt channel for the wideband sensor, the voltages at certain AFRs will need to be known in order to do this.

With the G3 there are three uses for a wideband signal

1) PC logging. You can log the wideband data along with other parameters to help identify problems

2) As an aid when tuning the engine (although I think your kit comes with a gauge)

3) Closed loop lambda fuel control.

On the G3 Linkplus you are unable to use the wideband as a safety device as GP Limit tables were not introduced until G4. Your ECU is capale of being upgraded to G4, if you are interested email [email protected]



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