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Out of system resources comes after log

Tommy Luhr

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My name is Tommy and i live in sweden. Have to excuse for my bad english.

I have read about more people that have problem with 'out of system resources' in Pclink.

I have adjust my computer from swedish to english just because 'comma' is a problem otherwise.
I got no problem setting the computer and link up, and can do this a several times.

But when i record a logfile, i have to reinstall the pclink software.
This makes me wana throw the computer thru the window. Because it´s happend every time.
Do you have some fix for this? 

I got windows 7 and the latest releese of firmware and Pclink. 

Please make a check on this things in next update

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Hi Tommy,

When you say you have to re-install PCLink when you record a log file, what happens? Does PCLink crash and then not restart? or is it another problem? If you could provide a screenshot of the problem or some more description this would be very useful.



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I will do this tomorrow again and make some screenshots for you.

I have already reinstalled it today, so for now it works.

It seams to be when i driving like 10km with the log on. Short turns seems to work better.
You can do a log, get home and make the thing you want in the PCL file, save it and when you should connect to the ecu or open another file the hole thing happens.
I was trying to make this happen when open and close the logfile that create the problem. But when i reinstall the program and runt the PCLfile and opens the log it seems to work.

I wonder if the problem is more related to the connetion of the ecu. This thing happend on two computers. One with Vista and the other Win7.  The first thing it says is that the system is out of resources, then a little screen comes that say in swedish lika ' can´t handle the task'. You will get mor info about that. Then the program totally crash. The only thing you can do is to open taskmanager and quit it that way. If you open Pclink again you come to the base window that you got if you don´t have any PCL file open. You try to open the PCL that you´ve been working on and the hole procedure comes again with out of resources and so on. Then i read on the forum here. If you open one basemap that comes with the Pclink it will open and after that you could open the ordinary PCL. But this thing dosen´t work on my Pclink. When i open the basemap it come a window that says that its wrong in some adresses in Pclink.exe. The adresses is two different sets of numbers. I think this is something you want to see.

I can try to reinstall firmware to, just in case.

Alot of text but i hope this will help you to upgrade and help me to tune, like a Win-Win situation :)

Btw: when i open the basemap for Bmw m50tub25 it says 'you must usethe correctmanufactures tuning software to connect to this ecu!' . But even if i got this failure it will work. Why have oyu put this warning in the program?

And a last question. Bmw M50tub25 plugin map got a idle valve configuration. I ´m running storm with flying lead. I use th idle settings that comes with the plugin basemap. This will not work at all. Are the plugin base maps just a schratch on the surface  when it comes to function? The set base timing went very well and some other adjustments to. But your idle solonoid settings is not working, not for me anyway.

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The reason I did´t come back with print screens, I sorted out the problem.

It was the internal memory in the computer that was the first big thing.
If the computer goes in standby, there will be problem. I alway go to 'sleep' mode after a log:ed run.

That because al the data is the written to the harddrive instead of been written to the internal memory as at standby.

When i done this things, everything is working great.

Hope you understand what i try to tell you all :) 

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Hi again Tommy, sorry I missed your questions above.

With the BMW basemap, the 'you must use the correct manufactures tuning software to connect to this ecu' is a problem in that BMW base-map. On our next PCLink release I will make sure this is fixed.

The base-maps that come with PCLink do vary, from setup only maps (normally labelled as such) to fully tuned base-maps. The basemap for the M50TUB25 was taken from a car we had here with us, so the idle setup should have been quite good.



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Hi Scott!

I didn´t get the idle to work with the basemap for BMWm50. I´ve tried several timed with your settings.

Do you know what kind of Bosch number your valve got that you was using?

I tested two valves that comes stock in m50b25. The first was a standard valve with last digits '545' and the one i drive now is a '525' (not sure on this) that second valve is  from a 1992 m50 without vanos.

The engine is overhauled and i redone the hole intake system a second time to be sure that the problem not come from leakage.

Now it works and the major problem seams to be the frequency that was set att 100HZ.  With 50HZ everything was working a lot better. That with ignition idle control is really nice.

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