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Link G4 plug in for Mivec & Vtec solenoid activation

Dave Kriedeman

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Hi all, I dont know why my post didnt show up, so i will try again. I have connected a MOTEC SDL3 to a customers car. I have downloaded the Motec Dash Config file from the LINK downloads site. I have put the dash config file into config page of MOTEC DASH MANAGER. I cant seem to make anything happen with it. I have setup the ECU for CANBUS and have connected my laptop to the SDL3. All is good. However i dont get anything to the dash from the ECU. Can anybody enlighten me on how to setup the LINK MOTEC DASH TEMPLATE please. Thanks Dave.

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Hi David,

I have spoken to a colleague here at Link. Apparently you should be able to use the Motec SDL3 with CAN. What you need to do is use the files in your PCLink install > PCLink G4 > CAN. The 'generic dash.llc' needs to be used with PCLink and the 'Link G4 for ADL-SDL.CC7' needs to lused with the Motec software.

Give that a try and let us know how is goes. Unfortunately I do not have a Motec dash here, so am unable to test myself.


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