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Razor pdm and link g4+ xtreme and can keypad


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I'm trying to setup a razor pdm with g4+, I need these functions :

1. turn on 2 fans using coolant temp parameter from ecu through can

2. fuel pump signal from ecu through can

3. using can keypad to change maps on the ecu

4. using can keypad to turn on launch control

5. using can keypad to turn on fans separate from ecu signal

6. using can keypad to turn on fuel pump separate from ecu signal

i will attach my ecu file
pdm is not setup yet so i dont have any file



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It’s wired to the can2 on on the B connector. 
There are 4 devices :

1. Haltech ic7 at one end of the bus which is already defined in the file attached before.

2. Pdm as a node 

3. keypad without resistor as a node

4. Ecu at the other end

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Ok a basic example is attached.

Fuel pump and 2 fans set up in ecu as virtual aux 1/2/3.  These will be received into the PDM as CAN function 1/2/3.

Keypad buttons 3 (map switch) & 4 (launch arm) are received into the ECU as CAN DI 3 & 4.  I have set these up in the ecu map to enable the 2nd boost table and launch control.  Button 5 is set up as a 4 position switch, this will be received into the ecu as CAN AN V5, I have put this on the 2nd boost table axis to adjust through 4 different boost levels.  Obviously unlikely to need the 2 boost tables and 4 different levels but these are just examples so you can see different possibilities.  


mazda w PDM.pclr ASM example.pdmc

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Thanks for the help

everything works except for the map switch functions,

it seems that the ecu can’t receive inputs from the keypad. 
pressing the map switch button, launch control and 4 position switch is not registered on the ecu but it works on the keypad and the PDM count changes when keys are pressed. 

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