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Cal tables dont seem to do anything for IAT?


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I've got a Toyota IAT sensor wired to Analogue Temp Input 2.

So I set Analogue Temp 2 to IAT.

I set the the sensor type to Cal table (any of the selectable ones) and set Ohms/Degrees celcius as the input/output values.

However editing the Cal tables makes no difference to the indicated temperature.

So for example:

I select cal table 3, it will show (for example) 80 degrees ambient

Select cal table 7, it will show 35 degrees ambient.

But if I go to either of these cal tables, no matter what I change the values to, it doesnt change anything.

The only way the values seem to adjust is either by changing the pullup resistor or changing to a different table's default info.

Any ideas? It's definitely wired in properly, because the air temp shows that it changes with time, it's just that the scale is wrong and doesnt seem to be correctable.

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I've tried combinations of:

-Adjusting the values in the tables
-Adjusting the table axis numbers
-Changing the values to Volts or Ohms / Celcius / Farenheit / etc

(with both minor and major changes, like setting values to 5 or 999 or whatever, makes no change)

Then combinations of:

-Storing to ECU


Storing/saving and then power cycle.

None of the above options change the temp values at all. The only change to indicated temp is if I adjust which cal table it's pointing to, or select a different pullup resistor. Which updates straight away even without a store or whatever.
If I select Cal table 7 then it seems 'almost' correct, but it seems to be pulling info from somewhere other than the values in the table.

P.S. I am using the latest firmware/PClink versions, but I had this same thing on previous version too.

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