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R34 GTT Plug and Play ECU - Knock Sensor Setup?

John Smith

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Hi All,

Just installed a G4 plug and play into my Series 2 Stagea (R34GTT) and i'm in the process of setting everything up. I have managed to configure the VCT and the car runs/drives and has been tuned on a dyno by a professional tuner. The only question I have is around the configuration of the factory knock sensors. I have read the help documents and seem to be able to configure analogue expansion inputs AN V5 and AN V6 to pickup the factory knock voltage. What I don't get it how I can use this factory voltage to configure onboard automated knock protection. 

Does the knock setup automatically look at the knock sensor voltage once it's configured? Is there anyway to map the voltage to a more visual display (ala Power FC?) 

All the best


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Hi Chris,

Your ECU is not capable of doing knock control without using an external knock amplifier like the Link Knock Block.

The ECU will require a spare digital input and auxiliary output in order to work with the Knock Block. 

Also worth considering is that each ignition drive on your ECU controls two cylinders ignition coils, so the knock control will be applying ignition retard to two cylinders if you do set it all up.


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