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AEM 3.5bar Map Sensor - G4 RB25DET R34 GTT Skyline

Daniel Sabler

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I´ve got a problem with my new G4, its the first time I use this ECU - I tried to find a solution in this forum and the Help...

I want to use a AEM 3.5bar Map Sensor - the help says I should select one of the listes sensors, which could match - so I select the Standard 4 bar - the BAR is about 107 kPa.

When I try now the sensor calibration, it comes the failure:

'MAP Sensor Calibration command failed: Current MAP <5kpa or > 5kPa of baro reading'

I tried also all other listed Map sensors, but the 4 bar matches best with BAR 107 kPa.

What can I do? The help says there is a Cal 1-3 and Cal 4-6 custom Sensor - but I can´t find in the PCLink a table where I can set any custom linear or tabled calibations. So what can I do to use the AEM 3.5bar Map Sensor?


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Hi Daniel,

You will need to use a custom Calibration table to make the AEM sensor work. The calibration tables can be found under ECU Settings > Analog Inputs >  they are right at the bottom of this section. You will need to enter the information from AEM into cal table 1,2, or 3. Then select the relevant cal table for your MAP sensor setting.


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