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its posibile?

Leonhard Studhalter

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Hi i have a straight inline 4 cylinder Fiat Engine From 1992 (9.1989 - 09.1993 82 KW 112 PS 1372 cm³ Motorcode: 146 A8.046), its the engine from the Fiat Uno turbo 1.4 i.e. so i uninstall the serial lambda-sensor and then i install a Innovate LC-1, an IAT-sensor. This engine has just one ignition coil, I Think Its Easy to programm this. The injectors (4 injectors) have all the same wires, so every injector inects at the same time (its Crazy) so its posibile to use the link g4 plugin from the subaru RS legacy for this engine? (i use the plug from the subaru). what i need to program? the engine has just a crankshaft sensor, a water temp sensor, an oil temp sensor, a Nock sensor. and a throttle sensor. its important, so i can installl the map sensor from a subaru rs legacy. so now i need to no how i can programm a base map for this engine. the start of the problems its that it isnt possibile that the subaru engine not fit in the racecar shasee. so now we use the 1.4 lieter class with RWD (its easier to win a race, in the two lieter class has a lot of good cars :) if u need i can send u som wiring diagrams from the fiat. i don^t wana buy a new ECU The Link is great. Thnk u for answering

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It would likely be easier to sell of the subaru ECU and then pick up a G4 Storm or even G4 Atom. However it could actually be done. Set up wise it will be very similar to configuring a wirein unit.

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