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Auxiliary Outputs not working (AirCon Control)


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Hello all,

I'm running a Vipec V88 Top Board firmware 4.10.2 on a 03 WRX

I have DI3 Set for AC ON. For output i have Aux Output - Fuel, Injector Drive 7 and 8 for AirCon Clutch and AirCon Fan

When I press DI3 I see it turns to ACTIVE, but the ID7/8 does not change to ACTIVE state. If I manually change function to Test ON it works.

So I believe the issue is with the firmware of the ECU.


Attached is my PCL


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Yes testing with the engine running. The AC Clutch + FAN definitely work. AC Pressure SW is ok aswell. It just won't activate from my Digital input Source on Active.

I will get that PC log for you in a few minutes.

Attached is the log.

I press on the AC button and wait a few seconds then i turn off and on again.

Log 9-11-23 8;36;14 am.llg

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I believe this issue started once I updated firmware to the latest version.

The AC used to work couple years ago on an older firmware. Nothing has been changed in the ECU in regards to the AC settings.

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