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how to set up 1 intank pump and 2 externals s14a link g4

Ben Dresman

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we are trying to setup my s14a with 3 pumps, 1 in tank, and 2 external, i have the 2 externals with a separate relay as per the holley dominator 1800 wiring instructions, however my problem is i have the 3 pumps setup on the aux injector 5 6 and 8. The 2 externals are 5 and 8 and the intank is 6.

When i put them all as fuel pump in the link g4 software, they all work, but i only want 5 and 6 (the intank and one of the externals) to be set as fuel pump and i want the other pump (aux inj 8) to come on as FP Bleed. So my problem is that when i set 5 and 6 to come on as fuel pump and 8 to come on as a FP Bleed, they wont prime (5 and 8) when i flick the key to on.


My auto electricians seems to think the drivers for the injectors arent able to do this, is there a way to set it? 


Im only just beginning to get my head around the whole 'driver' side of it, and he also wants to know how the drivers are grouped? We dont want to change the pins around ir wire it different, im kind of hoping there is a way to set the pumps so that we can control them individually and the ecu is happy...


Look forward to some help from you guys :)



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You can only have one Aux set to be fuel pump.

If you want two pumps to activate under the sames set of conditions you only need the one drive to switch them.

However you could set the second pump to be driven off a GP output configured to switch on whenever the fuel pump Aux is on.

The third can be fuel pump speed.

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