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ECU Master Can Switch module low side outputs config check


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Hi all, just wondering if someone could confirm that i have correctly or spot a issue with how i have configured the low side outputs on the ecu module. Ive got the digital and analogue inputs working fine its just the outputs i cant get to play ball.

Ive got the can setup as follows



Ive then linked two of the outputs up one to traction control and one to battery (just so the light comes on if the battery is low)

This is how i configured the battery output.


To test the output I changed the SW cond 1 to ">=" to attempt to trigger the output after which "CAN Aux 2 - Battery LED" changed from Inactive to Active. Although the led does not light.


The led's anode goes through a current limiting resistor and to switched 12v, and the cathode goes into the low side driver of the can module.

Can someone confirm I have set this up correctly please before I strip the dash apart in case its a simple config issue.


Many thanks







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Thanks essb00, hopefully that will sort it. I thought it should have been "transmit user stream 1" as that was the name of the stream in the left list next to the drop down list. 


Thanks again



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