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g4x on g5 editor - how do i add more than 1 table to a page in the editor?


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I see that on the cold start page - there are multiple tables - but if i create a new page - i cant add tables to it and it only displays one table when i choose something from ecu settings.

in the help file it says ctrl-f12 to add a new table graph - but this does nothing, where the other view shortcuts work and open an editor for that option.

I want to make a new page with a few different tables on it to allow me to finetune some things and have a compare working at the same time so i want larger table views than the cold start screen.

how can i do this - its gotta be something simple that im missing right?

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You should read the help page; PCLink G5 User Manual > User Interface > Layouts and Views > Views to get a more complete answer, but as a quick comment, if you want more than one settings view then you need to lock the existing one (click the padlock at the top left corner of the view).  Further, if you want 2 copies of the same table (for example one in tabular view and one in surface view) then lock the first one and shift click to add the second. 

You can also hold down ctrl when clicking a ecu settings tree menu to get the whole menu in one settings view.  

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