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BMW M44 CAM and Crank Sensors


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Hi, I'm just starting on the loom for my supercharged M44 motor. First time building a loom from scratch and i have a few basic questions.

The M44 uses a reluctor crank sensor (3 wire) and a hall effect cam sensor (3 wire also). The BMW wiring diagrams show the crank sensor using a shielded groud to sensor pin 3, and i believe signal is pin 2, which accounts for both wires grouped together in the loom (Shield Gnd & Trigger 1). I know i need to provide the sensor power, but what i can't seem to find anywhere is if the sensor runs at 12v or 5v or even 8v?

The Hall effect Cam sensor doesn't have the same 'shield' on the OEM diagram, should i still use the shield ground which comes paired to trigger 2 in the loom, or run a separate ground? 99% sure the hall sensor is 12v... but woud be great if anyone can confirm this for me. 


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Ok, in the A loom there are 2 shielded cables, 1 with a grey jacket and 1 with black. 

The black jacket cable is for Trigger 1/Crank.  Inside this cable, connect the black wire to the crank sensor signal, connect the white wire to crank sensor ground, connect the bare drain wire to the crank sensor shield pin.  Reluctor sensors dont need power.  

The grey jacket cable is for trigger 2/cam.  Connect the red wire to the cam sensor signal, connect the white to the cam sensor ground, leave the bare drain wire unconnected at the cam sensor end.  Run the 8V wire (pin A6) to the cam sensor for power.  

Our E36 manual shows the M44 sensor pinouts as below:

Crank sensor pin 1 = Signal, 2 = Gnd, 3 = Shield.

Cam sensor pin 1= 12V, 2 = Signal, 3 = Gnd.

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