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High Idle


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Hi everyone,

I have a G5 in an early Subaru WRX (GC8) i have got it running but the idle is all over the place

It seems to want to idle around 2000rpm and tends to hunt a bit with the overrun fuel cut status flicking between active and inactive

I am running a rather large throttle body (GM LS1) along with 1000cc injectors on the EJ20 so there is alot of fuel and air getting in, but the TPS is showing just 1% and when i cover the throttle body the engine stalls.

I just want to get it running and moving around the workshop while i finish things up before heading off to a tuner and an acceptable idle would be a great start.

Tune is attached

20240110 - APQ665 G5 Voodoo 43psi fuel.pcl5


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Ive been through the calibration process a few times and am pretty confident that ive got it right, i changed the idle speed control > idle actuator > min clamp to 0% which has got the tps now showing 0% but hasnt resulted in much change.

I am pretty confident there are no leaks as when i cover the intake it stalls pretty quickly and what i cover it with gets stuck on pretty well.

What parameters would you like to see in the log?

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The reason for a PC Log is so I can see everything, there might not be enough air coming from elsewhere to keep it running but might be enough to make it idle high.

Do you still have a factory manifold with a idle controller on it as well?

if you remove the intake can you see how far open the actual throttle blade is?

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Yes i understand the reason for the PC log, i want to know what parameters you want me to select to log?

It is a custom manifold with no other intakes on it, image attached

it visually looks to be fully closed, image attached

20240101_184347 50.jpg


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