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subaru v11 plugin - how does the link compare to factory ecu for things like diff control and si drive settings


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I know Adam spent quite a bit of time daily driving a GRB to get the "base map" setup - and sort out canbus stuff so that things work.

I was wondering if there is a list anywhere of things that "match" the features of the factory ecu - or dont match - or work different...

Eg - the SI drive knob in a factory ecu changes how the diff controller works and boost curves etc - in the link you can assign that can input of the SI drive knob to functions - but does things like the diff controller take that as a can input and use its own maps for things - or does the factory ecu take the SI drive input and controls the response of the diff controller.  What does the auto/manual switch do on the link and what does the traction control button do in its 3 modes on the link?

Boost im not worries about thats easy to sort - but i was wondering more if the SI drive knob still made changes to factory controllers - or if the link ecu only has one "setting" that it sends out to the controllers?  I might be badly wording this but if someone can understand my gibberish and point me at a "link handles these things these ways for a v11 plugin and these things are done different from factory ecu's" that would be epic.
...  Or if our favorite overworked person, Adam, can put up a blurb about it as I am very curious to know how the interface between the link ecu and the diff controller works :)

Thanks in advance to anyone who knows and can reply - I am notoriously blind and bad with google-fu about things so theres a good chance if the info exists - i've not found it so i dont mind being called a dummy if someone points me in the right direction :)


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we use some eastern european standalone controllers for the dccd. in which you can alter settings on tps, 4 wheel speeds , steering angle etc. everything comes over canbus i believe. so to my understanding there's not gonna be much difference if you change only the engine ecu which emulates the standard canbus.

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The SI drive knob with the factory ecu only changes between the three "torque request" maps - the torque request maps only control boost target and throttle target.  The SI drive knob doesnt make any change to the diff control directly - just the engine torque changes so more torque gets reported to the diff controller and that may influence how the diff behaves in auto mode under some conditions. 

With the Link ECU you can set it up the same as factory if you wish, with the Si drive knob changing boost and throttle targets, or you can use it for some completely different purpose.  The Link ecu still broadcasts estimated torque to the diff controller the same as the factory ecu, so the diff control should behave the same.   You can mess around with the torque estimation multiplier if you want to broadcast a higher or lower torque value to the diff controller but it likely will make little difference.  On our GRB in the sport sharp setting with the stock engine the actual engine torque produced was already greater than the maximum torque value that can be sent over CAN, so the diff controller wont see any difference in peak once you increase engine power above stock anyhow.

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