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Bosch 82mm Throttle


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I have a Nissan 350Z, Supercharged 38-40psi, with a Link G4X ECU.

I would like to build a New Intake Plenum with an Bosch 82MM Throttle Body.

I see that there a Link Bosch 82mm, Haltech Bosch 82mm and Just a Bosch 82mm. Is there any Difference?

Also, can I just Plug & Play by just selecting the Bosch 82mm TB is the TB Options?

Also is there a Wirering diagram for the Connector go from the 350Z TB to the Bosch Connector?

Thank You,

Tim Hampton 

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No difference as long as its a reputable source for the TB. 

When you set it up, in the help file > wiring > input signal wiring > analog inputs > Throttle / accelerator position > specific tps/aps applications 

select - Bosch. It will have all of your needed PID information, PWM Frequency and tps main/sub voltage values. 

As far as wiring goes that's gonna be easy. 

pin 4 - aux 10 motor -

pin 5 - aux 9 motor +

pin 50 - TPS main analog volt 2

pin 69 - TPS sub analog volt 4 

pin 66 - TPS ground signal

pin 47 - TPS 5v 

pin point test from your factory plug, crimp on the new pins and pin them out following the chart in the help file I mentioned above. 

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