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Retrofit Cam sensor.


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For trigger 1 I'm using a 36-1 Crank setup and trigger 2 I've just fitted a single lobe cam wheel with hall sensor. I am ok with wiring and the hardware but how do I calibrate the sensors position in the 720 degree engine cycle. G4 Extreme ECU. Many thanks

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If your question relates to the cam tooth location, then it doesnt matter, anywhere will do.  If you are asking about the crank missing tooth location, then you can approximate a starting point offset by eyballing it.  The "Trigger Offset" is the clockwise distance from TDC1 to the first tooth after the gap. Turn the engine to TDC1, note where the sensor is in relation to the first tooth after the gap, each tooth is 10deg so you can count how many teeth to get the angle.  If the gap has gone past the sensor before TDC then the offset is negative, if the gap is still before the sensor at TDC1 then offset is positive.    A couple of examples below.  Note in these examples since we dont know where the cam tooth is, we could be on TDC exhaust stroke or compression stroke, this means there are two possible offsets - the one shown, then another 360deg earlier or later.  So the -60 could be +300 and the +50 could be -310.

This will be close enough to get the engine running, then you need to get a timing light connected and set the base timing with the engine idling. 

Example 1:



Example 2:


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