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BMW E30 wiring?


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Hi everyone,

I've just bought a bored and stroked engine for my BMW E30 and it comes with a Link Atom Mk2 ECU.

The garage tells me that quite a bit of the engine wiring has been cut back and they are unsure how to hook things up when they drop the motor into my 1989 cabrio.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for any info on getting this connected up?

Many thanks

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Start with the pinout and IO list in the quick start guide here: https://linkecu.com/documentation/AtomQuickstartGuide.pdf

If you need more detail about anything more specific then download and install G4+ PC Link then click >help>wiring information.  https://www.linkecu.com/pclink/PCLink G4+ EN-JP V5.6.8.3669 Setup.exe?_gl=1*10guq4w*_ga*MTIxMjM1MzU2MS4xNjA4NDk4NDc3*_ga_YGEEXMZ8NR*MTcwNTkxOTA2OS4xNTkuMS4xNzA1OTI1NDYxLjUxLjAuMA.. 

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