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K20X PnP - Onboard DBW aux9/10 supply issue.


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Hello everyone.

I use G4X PNP on K24. With Bosch Motorsport 74mm Ethrottle (0 280 750 474)

My problem is exactly about E-Throttle Relay and Power Supply. Because an external DBW relay is not connected to ECU. There is already a power mofset for this (IRFR5305 P-Channel Mofset) ( Bottom Board Q4 )

When I measured Mofset No. Q4;

Drain - Source : 0.547volts
Gate - Source : 0.717volts

Drain - Source: 11.4Kohm
Gate - Soruce: 6.7Kohm (this is a little low, it should be around 10Kohm on average. There may be a leak here.)

Also, diode No. D2 is intact.

There is no problem with APS and TPS calibrations.
No problem with wiring, Brand new Throttle body.

However, it does not adapt to the target value given with e-Throttle. And Flap is opens and closes on its own. When I looked at Runtime Values, I saw that there was a very large voltage fluctuation in the "Aux 9/10 Power Supply".

I leave a log file and a image of DBW Setup. I think the problem is hardware, but I still want to hear the idea of LinkEcu Admins.





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Hi Adam, Thanks for answers,

Yeah i think so,,

But i solve the problem. Like i said the problem is PowerMofset (E-Thr Power Supply) circuit.
I remove the mofset and solder a wire on Mofset Drain pad. 
And i put it micro relay for E-Throttle Power. (Like PlugIn Ecu's)
I been tested from 2 days and no any problem. I leave log file. 
Stay in Link :)

Wish a good day. 


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