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can lambda really high?


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getting ready to do first start and i just got the canlambda set up in ecu it connects but reads reaaly high! 148.75 ??

i havnt started the car yet but ive never seen a wideband go above 22-24, so im not sure if something is off or not or  if i just need get some exhaust to pass by it 

Screenshot 2024-01-22 211224.png

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Air, with no fuel added would effectively be "infinity" air-fuel ratio, but 10.1 something lambda is the leanest the CAN lambda can read.  

But, the fact you have lambda reported with the engine off suggests you have "run when stalled" enabled which is not recommended for regular use, you should set this to NO except when you need to tune cold start.  

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thanks for the reply , correct i have it set to run when stalled to log the first start, confirms what i was thinking i just have never seen a number that high and thought maybe i had something wrong,, not having to calibrate it is messin with me lmao

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