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Canbus help required please

adam morrison

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Hi, I apologies if these questions are stupid but I have zero experience when it comes to  canbus 

so the background is I have a 2003 Mini Cooper s r53 which is running a Honda k20 engine with link plug and play g4x ecu and original Honda loom

i have completely stripped the mini of all its original components except for the abs unit 

ive binned the original dash clusters and replaced them with link mxg 1.2 strada dash

the original canbus setup on the mini connected the abs unit, engine ecu and dash clusters together 

now I need to try get the mini abs unit, link g4x and link mxg 1.2 strada talking to each other 


I have the mini abs unit connected to the g4x ecu can 1 

the ecu can 2 is connected to the link dash and can lambda 

I’ve preselected the mini r53 option in the ecu can 1 menu and in can 2 I have that set for can lambda and dash as per the instructions for the dash and lambda 

the dash seems to display the ecu data and ecu picks up the can lambda when searching for devices so I’m guessing these 2 are setup correctly in the ecu (I’ve not set up anything in the racestudio3 software yet but dash is receiving ecu data) 


what I’m struggling with is figuring out how to get info from the abs unit, all I’m needing is wheel speeds and error light data so I can have an abs light on dash when system fails 


as mentioned above I’ve preselected the mini r53 option hoping the ecu receives the required data so I can transmit that data to the dash but have no idea what I’m doing and can’t figure out how to see if ecu is receiving abs data 

I hope this makes sense 


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Not sure how happy the abs unit will be with other devices missing. Do the CAN bus runtimes for the bus connected to the abs show any errors?

As per the PCLink help manual the wheel speeds come in on the CAN DI 1-4 Frequency runtimes so check to see if any of them change when you spin a wheel.


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