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Missing Gear Cut function in latest FM


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I have an advanced GCU to handle paddleshifting. The GCU monitors barrell position etc and decides when to cut power and when to re-introduce it. So I need a simple gear cut function that cuts the ignition as long as the DI input is active.

This was very simple to setup with the old firmware (G4+ Xtreme) but with the new gear shifting function this does not work. I cannot find any way to have the cut as long as the DI input is active!

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If you set up as per for a clutch switch this will be the equivalent.

H Pattern Gearbox With Clutch Switch


This arrangement uses a pedal box mounted switch that is activated by the driver pressing the clutch.  The switch is wired to a Digital Input.   Typically the switch would become Active at the point where the clutch disengages.  Some adjustment may be required to find the exact point at which the switch should become active.


As a Digital Input will be used to start the gear shift sequence, Start Shift Mode must be set to Digital Input. Up Shift Digital Input must be set to the digital input wired to the clutch switch. Down Shift Digital Input must be set to OFF as there is no means by which up and down shifts can be directly distinguished on an H pattern gearbox.  This will start the shift sequence when the clutch switch is active for longer than Start Shift Validation Time.


Two gear shift types can be distinguished.  If a shift is started while Throttle Position is greater than Drive/Overrun TP then a Driven Up Shift will be requested otherwise an Overrun Down Shift will be requested.  Make sure that Throttle Position does not go below TP Low Lockout otherwise a TP Lockout will occur rather than a shift request.  Set TP Low Lockout to 0 to ignore the TP lockout condition.  If only full power up shifts are required TP Low Lockout can be set higher (eg 80%) to prevent gear shift requests when not near full throttle.


Throttle blipping can be used with Overrun Down Shifts.  To disable throttle blipping, either set Drive/Overrun TP to 0 or set the entire Overrun Down Shift Throttle Trim table to zero.


There are two ways in which the shift sequence can be ended:


· After a fixed amount of time - End Shift Mode must be set to Time.  The time that the shift sequence will last for is set in the Driven Up Shift Torque Reduction Time and Overrun Down Shift Torque Increase Time tables.
· When the clutch is released - End Shift Mode must be set to Digital Input.  The shift will end when the clutch is released.  Note that if the clutch is held for longer than Max Shift Time the shift will be ended.


When using a clutch switch it is important to set Speed Lockout to a suitable value to prevent a shift sequence starting when the clutch is pressed while the vehicle is not moving.


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