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E-Throttle Fault code 75


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Cars been apart for quite a while everything was working fine, ive changed my alternator and when started the car its gone into an idle hunt, throttle is unresponsive.

Could anyone look at my log and tune make suggestions on how i can fix it?

Thank you




"C:\Users\danie\OneDrive\fault 75 e throttle.llg"


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The ECU is commanding the throttle to move, but the TPS signals dont move at all.  

So, possibly the throttle is jammed, or something like the 12V supply to the external module is missing.    

I would start by confirming the throttle blade can move - with ign on but engine not running, push the blade with a screwdriver or similar and watch both TPS sub and main change on the screen.  Provided that looks ok then put E-throttle in set-up mode, change "when stalled" to run and start poking around with a volt meter.  You should have 12V going into the module white wire and some lower variable voltage coming out to the throttle motor when testing between the yellow and grey wires.  

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What is happening in this video?  Are you moving the blade by hand?  


On 2/5/2024 at 7:38 PM, Dhornby88 said:

I can hear the electric motor sound when i had it in run mode.

On 2/7/2024 at 6:58 PM, Dhornby88 said:

0.019 volts when measured as per above instructions

The voltage would suggest the E-throttle module is dead, but you wouldnt hear any motor noise if there was 0 volts going to the motor, so one of those statements doesnt seem to fit.  

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How often do the modules die? Is there any way these can be repaired?

Nothing is making sense because the car was running fine before pulling it apart now all of a sudden it’s not.

in the video I was moving the blade with a stick to show that the ecu was reading TP main & sub.

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