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a slew of mercedes standalone questions


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yes I decided to make my life difficult and bought a Mercedes. I'm familiar with link systems but I've only used them in strictly race or cars that have little electronic woes and tons of aftermarket support  example 4ag, 3sge beams

I'm planning on purchasing a standalone for my current build; it is a Mercedes aiming for a street/ hpde car.

the car uses a EIS immobilizer system linked to the ecu and ignition, can I use the link to bypass or trick it in some way?

if I cannot work around it... Can I just run my own ignition set up?( like through a can keypad of sorts) and still keep some oem functions of the car mainly heat a/c turn signals fuel gauge? 

the car has a Bosch 74mm dbw, gm dbw pedal, stock dis ignition system, stock fuel system. digital dash, link g4 monsoon not yet wired in of course. the car is relatively stock I just want all of the engine control. 

thanks in advance! first post!

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Typically the factory ecu just wont allow fuel and spark when the immobiliser is not satisfied.  Since you have a different ecu controlling fuel and spark the immobiliser will likely be of little consequence in this case.  You will need to check the starter still works when immobilised but usually they do.  

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