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4.5.0 is great!


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Im really liking 4.5.0!! Thank you so much for the E85 sensor input option, I was going to ask about that but I got beaten to the punch :) Ive got my G4 running on my desk while im building my engine so ive already upgraded it to 4.5.0.

So far all ive noticed wrong is that the documentation says speed inputs can be on DI 1 though 8, but in the configuration dropdowns it only lists it on 1 though 6. Not sure which is correct but I thought id point it out. The dropdowns for DI 7 and 8 have a bunch of 'N/A' in the lists.

The new interface is awesome, with all the new gauge options!

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Hi Brian.

Thanks for the feedback, we are getting a really good response so far, but I suppose it's quite hard to not like it.  I have been playing with it all weekend too and it is soo flexible!

You were right about the DI thing.  This has been updated in the help file to show DI 1-6 only (what it was meant to be), so cheers for that.

PS.  Check out the short key list - Very handy!



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