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help with cold start

dan smith

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morning all

My car is still in the tuning part of its life.

but I was wondering if I could have a hand with the cold tart setup.. he does tart every time just might take 3-5 attempts.

it is a 2.0 cortina motor, the fuel main table is set for TPS as it's ITBS and I'm running 800cc injectors (I know they are too big but all I have at this point) and I'm just running her on 95 fuel.

I took a quick log as I started it this morning.

thanks any and all help.

cold start.llgx


Sorry may have put this in wrong grouo its a link atom x

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Moved to G4X forum.  

Attach a copy of your map will be helpful.  Have the ITB's been properly balanced with a synchrometer?  If one or 2 cyl are getting more air than others it will have a big influence on cold start. 

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