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G4 vs G4+ vs G4X RB26


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Hi all, I currently have a Power FC which may be going faulty. The G4+ or X isn't in the budget right now but I can get a G4 for around £500.

What would you consider are the biggest features that I'm going to miss vs the newer models on my engine?

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G4 Vs G4X:  no knock control, only wasted spark ignition, very few spare inputs and outputs, very limited ECU logging, fixed CAN output only, no CAN inputs such as EGT's, lambdas etc.  No flex fue functionsl, no modelled fuel, more basic injector characterisation, Idle control was more basic and limited.  12GP tables Vs 45 in X.  G4+ you could say is very roughly halfway in between, most of the points above are greatly improved and I would still happily run a G4+.  G4 will still run the engine well and is probably more tunable than the PFC, but will feel dated compared to the other 2.  

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