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K24 Running Issues - Cut out / Hesitating


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Evening All, 

Just in the process of getting my K24 Swap with MonsoonX up and running and coming across some issues. Used the initial K20 Monsoon map and changed Crank/Cam etc. to K24 sensor set up and set up to my ecu pinout. idles fine and ran fine stationary, took out to put some mileage on and both times it has started to hesitate at 2-3.5k rpm and is now cutting out when coming near idle when stopping at traffic lights etc. but not all the time, i have spent ages looking through the log and i cant find much, although it had the attached fuel related error come up? would appreciate any help or thoughts! 


K24 in distress

K24 MonsoonX.zip

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On the log, I only see overrun fuel cut activating (with one spot ignition cut but that's because it was on the control range of the RPM limit). You might need to adjust the parameters of the overrun fuel cut.

The engine stalls were because the idle control was trying to lower the idle position while you're still slowing down in gear (engine braking) then you suddenly disengage the clutch. I recommend you enable the Idle Speed Control>Speed lockout (you'd need to have working wheel speed wired to a DI).

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