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I want to control a fan from my LinkPlus G3...

Ryan Simmons

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I have an intercooler fan (well, two running together) to which i would like to be switched on by the ecu.  I currently have a relay running to a ign live; the problem with this is that the fans will run before and whilst cranking, suverely reducing cranking power!

Could i use the LinkPlus to control the relay? I would like the fans to either come on when the revs are above say 900 rpm (so not while cranking) Or set them to come on at a certain Coolant or IAT temp?

How would i go about doing this? 

Btw i would say my linkplus knowledge level is intermediate.


Many thanks


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You will need a free aux output.

This can then be configured as a GP output.

This will then give the option of using up to 3 switching conditions. You could then switch the fans based on IAT, RPM as well as something else maybe boost.

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