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bmw m52 g4+ storm does not start


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Good morning, I have a BMW with a 328i m52 with a g4+ storm ecu and I am not able to start it, it has the following installed.
original bmw coils
hall camshaft sensor (was 550582A)
hall crankshaft sensor (hella 6pu 009 110-001)

trig1 err counter its 0 two faults for the car
the chip jumps at the top dead point, verified with a trigger ofset strobe gun -328
The injection already provides several modes, the spark plugs come out flooded and it is as if it detonated by intake

trigger scope.PNG

bmw 328i no arranca.pclr

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original BMW coil are "dumb coils" which means they need an igniter between the ECU and the coil. 

Stock ECU has ingiters integrated so it can drive these coils. 

wire-in aftermarket ecu's like the storm are made to drive "smart coils". 

Do you have igniters (something like https://dealers.linkecu.com/I3_2) wired in?

if not then that is your problem. there is basically no spark because fo that. either add igniter or change to smart coils

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