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stefan klaar

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hey a question

the link g4 xtreme

and wideband lambda aem 30-410

tabelen to it is a bit strange

0 volts Lambda 10

volts 00:16 lambda 10:32

volts 12:31 lambda 10.62

volts 00:47 lambda 10.94

if you know the product increase 30 next 32

Table http://www.schnitzracing.com/manuals/AEMWBK.pdf

So how do you set it to run on gasoline

  Sincerely steff

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Hi Steff,

Sorry for the slow reply.

If you are connecting the AEM O2 sensor to an analog input on your G4 Xtreme you will need to set the AN Volt channel up as follows:

Analog Volt #X: Wideband     (where X is the An Volt channel number you have connected the sensor to)

Calibration: Cal Y     (where Y is one of your cal tables which is not currently used. Use either Cal 4, Cal 5, or Cal 6)

Then go to the Cal table you selected above and set it up as follows:

Input Value A: 0.00 V

Input Value B: 4.99 V

Output Units: AFR

Output Value A: 10.00 AFR

Output Value B: 19.98 AFR

You should now be able to see the AFR the sensor is reading on the analog tab of the runtime values window (press F12).



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