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Haltech GPS speed module setup


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Hello, i have a haltech ht-011310 gps speed module. It comes with instructions to set it on haltech but i’m guessing on this. I have it set to di1 and under GP speed. The instructions say it is calibrated to 5000 pulses/km and 83hz. I set the calibration for 5000. Is this right? How do i set this up for mph? Thanks


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The Link calibration is number of teeth per 100m, this would be a value of 500 based on your 5000/km value above. No idea what you mean by '83Hz' as the speed input is coming in as a varying frequency. Also note the value of 500 will be correct for the displayed unit in the ECU, i.e. it will be correct regardless of whether you have set your speed unit to km/h or m/h

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You'll still need to set the Driving and/or Driven Wheel speed appropriately same as any other wheel speed and if you are using an aftermarket CAN dash with one of the built in streams they only send individual wheel speed runtimes so you would want to set it up in a wheel speed instead of in a GP Speed (or set it up in both with the same selected input).


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