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AEM X AFR - Can't get CAN to work...


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I've been through the Evans videos and Link help about this and followed it but I can't get any output to the G4X. Analog 0-5v works fine if I set it up that way.

I have my own connectors and believe my wiring is correct?

I've tried CAN1 and 2. Also tried moving the power off the CAN2 connection in case it was that but still no joy. 

Also tried with and without the 120ohm resistor.

G4X R32 GTR-REV20-New AFR.pclx



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In your tune you attached you have the CAN 1 set to "transmit user stream 1".  It should be set to "Recieve User Stream 1".  In the stream in Frame 1 you have the ID position as 1, and it should be set to "None".  Alternatively - just delete the frame, and then select "load stream" at the top, and select AEM X-series UEGO.  This is all per the instructions in the link help menu.

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Can't believe I messed up the Mode selection. I blame lack of sleep! The rest was correct. I was messing about with the streams before so the actual cal file I'm using has that right. Glad it was simple.

Thanks, all working now. 

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