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WRX11 on VAB AC Request problem


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Installed an WRXLinkV11 on VAB JDM STi, updated all firmware and software everything works ok. However the AC request on DI7 seems not working. The status of DI7 keeps flashing between Active/Inactive quickly. no matter what the setting, it seems there is no relation between the AC button and the DI7. push or not doesn't make any changes. The only way to switch off the actual AC clutch is setting the DI7 active state to LOW like below picture. However the AC Request is still at Active State.



Oppss Found the issue.. VAB AC Request on CAN DI5.. problem solved.



Is it the VAF/VAB AC request pinout is different from GRB ?



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I'm not the most knowledgeable with Subaru's but yes it looks like earlier vehicles get AC Request through a physical pin and later vehicles through the CAN bus, I have clarified this in the pinout diagrams.

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