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WRXlink V10 car cranks but not start


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Hi guys,

I hope someone could help me with this issue. Car was running fine but it was sluggish when the oil temp was below 50 degree C. It had idle hunting. When the car was warm up, it drive well. So, I played with the pre-crank prime table, crank enrichment and crank hold time table. It flooded spark plugs. I changed to new spark plugs and reversed back to original settings of those tables. Car now cranks for the first key in but not start up.

Here is the mod list: ID1050x injectors, omni 4 bar map, parrallel fuel line with gfb fuel regulator, tuned for australia 98, gtpump s02 twinscroll turbo, dw300c pump, OEM oil cooler deleted and running external oil cooler. MAC 3 port ebcs

Please see tune map and latest log (in 7zip as file is too big) before the car stopped working 



hawk.pclx PC Datalog - 2024-03-2 4;47;04 pm.7z

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1 hour ago, Adamw said:

The MAP sensor is using the wrong calibration in both those maps.  It is reading 30Kpa at atmosphere so you have less than 1/3 of the fuel you should have.  

Thanks mate. I will have a look into this

The spark plugs keep get flooded with fuel. I swapped and cleaned the plugs 3 times. Is the crank enrichment table off? Does it have too much fuel for cranking?

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