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E36 Fuel Level Monitoring


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Good evening!

I have been running a Link G4+ PNP on my e36 and have just installed a Powertune Digital Dash. I am now enduring the task of being able to monitor fuel level over CAN. I have done some research and understand most of what I am reading. However, my concern lies with having dual sending units. The resistance ranges from 50-500ohm combined. 

I found this diagram (attached). My question is, will I have to use different size resistors since my resistance for the sending units is higher?


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5 minutes ago, Adamw said:

You wont need that 10sq050 diode.  change the 100ohm pull-up to something like 3-500ohm will do.  

Ok, I will try that!

Will I stick with the 10Kohm resistor still? Assuming to dampen fuel slosh?

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1 hour ago, Adamw said:

The 10K and the 680uF are a low pass filter, "slowing down" and smoothing the signal.  


I just realized I am using all of my AN Volt pins. I do have an AN Temp left though. Would this be something I could use?

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