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What happend to AUX Ouputs 8 & 9?

Roger Junge

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Hi Roger,

The ECU you have doesn't have Auxiliary outputs 9 and 10 (Aux 8 should work ok), but without connecting to it, PCLink won't know this. It can be possible to view and set functions that an ECU doesn't have when you are not connected. As soon as you connect it will lock-out any functions that are not available on that model.



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I have been having a whole heap of issues this week with the setup I am doing now and this problem appears to be the same as one of them.

I have a G4 extreme and even when connected I was unable to to see Aux outputs 9 and 10.

I put it down to I was using a different laptop than the one I normally use that had a different version of PCLink, and there may have been a compatability issue,

so you may be experiencing that too?

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