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KnockLink G4 sensor location

Nathan Stephens

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Hi all,

I have a Mazda 323F with the 1.8l BPD engine out of the Mazda 323 4x4 GTR running a Link G4 Storm.

As a bit of piece of mind i purchased a KnockLink G4

Where is the best place to mount the sensor? the instructions say the middle of the block, if i cannot find a suitable mounting position here would mounting to the middle of the Head be acceptable, such as the lower middle inlet manifold bolt?

Thank you


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Hi Nathan,

As the documentation mentions, the middle of the block is the ideal location. However if there is nothing there to bolt to you will have to try and choose the best location you can. The KnockLink filters out normal engine noise to help it detect engine knock, so the lower inlet manifold should work ok.



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