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Rotational Idle without Antilag


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15 minutes ago, lachyh said:

Wanting to add some rotational idle for “show” without using “antilag” on my 1991 Daihatsu Charade 1.3l turbo

There is info on how to do this in the help section. Check it out, you should find the set up. Mind you, this only works if you have the ability to keep the throttle plate open a certain amount, either by adjustment screw/kicker, or an electric throttle body. Hop you find the other info you are looking for. There are some set ups where the iac valve is used to put extra air into the manifold, but some iacs dont allow enough air to be very aggressive sounding.

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thanks! not sure if I can source an electronic throttle body for the Hatsu or the kicker thing you mentioned would it be possible to have the anti-lag enabled while rolling so it sounds like rotational idle in a way?

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It really depends on the sound you are trying to have. The sound of antilag is the loud pops and bangs while off throttle, Or this sound is similar to rolling antilag/launch control, or stationary launch control. The rotational idle is the aggressive choppy rally style idle you hear. So to answer your question, yes you can set up a rolling antilag on a button or a switch so that if you are in motion, you can hit the button and go full throttle, the rolling antilag will keep the car steady and build boost, it will make loud pops and bangs, as you let go of the button the car will launch into full boost. I feel like if you are looking for just a show pleaser, then your best bet is to probably set up an aggressive stationary launch control/2step. That way you dont need the car to be moving, you can just get in and put your foot to the floor. You can set this up to be very loud to your liking.

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